Timber Timbre will release their upcoming album « Creep On Creepin’ On » on 4.5.2011. « Black Water » is taken from this new recording.
Creep On Creepin On'

Timber Timbre – Black Water by Arts & Crafts



Here is a new video for Marissa Nadler’s « Rosary » awaiting the release of her upcoming album next spring.



O’death will release their upcoming album « Outside » next spring. « Bugs » is taken from this new record:
O'death - Bugs

Fleet Foxes announce the release of second album, Helplessness Blues, Out May 3rd, 2011. They have made the title-track of the album available for download now.

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues by subpop




 » The Savings and Loan is a band from Scotland. Their core comprises singer-songwriter Martin Donnelly and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bush, augmented from time to time by a cluster of friends on brass, strings and pedal steel.

Today I Need Light is their debut album.

Chequered veterans of the Glasgow underground scene (with Eska, De Rosa and The Sky At Night, among others), the duo formed in 2004, although Donnelly has since decamped to Edinburgh in a bid to unite both factions in the under-reported East Coast-West Coast melancholia wars. 

Their songs, however, remain resolutely Glaswegian, touched as they are by that city’s twin obsessions of drink and religion. Indeed, these themes are reflected not only in the album’s content, but also in the manner of its creation; the latter in the working title – Hymns Old and New – and the former by the fact that it’s been six long years in the

It is is an album that speaks to the movement and passage of time that colour it. From the tumult of “Catholic Boys in the Rain” with its introductory alcoholic litany (read by Glasgow poet Tom Leonard), to the hopeful and elegiac closer “A Pleasing Companion”, it is an unfolding tale of gentle redemption: in the six years since its genesis, Donnelly – once legendary for his drinking marathons – has become better known for a tendency to run them as well ». (Song, By Toad Records)

The Savings and Loan - Swallows



Vanish Valley – Vanish Valley

décembre 2nd, 2010

vanish valley







bonus track taken from the previous album Olöf Arnalds – Vi Og Vi


Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell have posted a music video « Picking Wild Mountain Berries » and a short documentary in anticipation of the recorded debut of Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell present KORT and their debut collaborative album, Invariable Heartache.

The story behind Invariable Heartache is also told in an eloquent and moving mini documentary. ‘Bringing Chart Records Back To Life’, filmed in Nashville, again by Zack Spiger.



previous post about Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell


Equinox, the Peacekeeper - Brotherly Love

Equinox the Peacekeeper (Wouter Buyst) released last year a wonderful album named « We Could Wake Each Other Up », you can listen his music or buy the record on his website. Of course, you will also listen his songs on KOKOMO WebRadio !

While Wouter was on a three day boat from Brasil to Peru on the Amazon river he kindly made a video answering our questions.



Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell - Incredibly Lonely
KORT kurt wagner and cortney tidwell

“Not so much a replication, but more of a study in reclamation. We were into the idea of making a record of the type of country that we all seemed to hold in high regard, not for the kitschy-ness or the retro-ness, but for the beauty and simplicity it could impart to the listener” – Kurt Wagner, July 2010.

INVARIABLE HEARTACHE is an album inspired by a shared love of Nashville and its musical traditions. Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner – a long time champion of the city’s history and charms – and Cortney Tidwell – whose family have, for decades, played a significant part in the city’s (country) musical life – are both fervent admirers of the music that has emerged from the city.

It was an early collaboration on Cortney’s Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up album that led to the two of them performing together at Nashville club The Basement in the summer of 2008. Such was the crowd’s overwhelming response that evening that the idea of a duets album was born, and though work didn’t begin for well over a year the concept was never forgotten. It was discussion about Cortney’s family history that led them to the Chart Records catalogue, a label run by Cortney’s grandfather Slim Williamson, A&Red later by her father Cliff Williamson, and for which her mother Connie Eaton also recorded.

The result of their subsequent fascination with what they discovered on dusty forgotten vinyl is an album that pays tribute to art of the duet and the classic songwriting that lay behind many of the albums and singles released by the label, a tribute on a grander scale to the forgotten sounds of ‘Music City USA’. cityslang.com

‘Incredibly Lonely’ is a cover of a song recorded by Gene & Rod for Nashville’s Chart Records in 1968. Although the song is available for free, those downloading it are  encouraged to make a donation at their own discretion to the Community Foundation Of Middle Tennessee. Kurt and Cortney were in the middle of recording when, at the start of  May 2010, Nashville and other areas in Tennessee became victims of  appalling flooding caused by well over twenty inches of rain in less  than two days. The tragedy went almost unreported: ‘bigger’ events such as the  attempted bombing of New York’s Times Square and the oil leak in the  Gulf of Mexico meant that the significant loss of life and the  destruction of homes and buildings throughout Tennessee remained almost  ignored.
Grants from the fund will be made to nonprofits supporting relief,  restoration and clean-up efforts in the Davidson County area in the  aftermath of the flooding and storms.

The album was produced by Wagner, and recorded by Cortney’s husband Todd Tidwell and Roger Moutenot, who’s worked for Yo la Tengo and Lambchop in the past. It features a cast of Nashville musicians, and will be released on October 18 2010.

Incredibly Lonely (recorded for Chart Records by Gene & Rod, 1968)
Eyes Look Away (recorded for Chart Records by Tom Tall, 1964)
A Special Day (recorded for Chart Records by Karen Wheeler, 1972)
Picking Wild Mountain Berries (recorded for Chart Records by LaWanda Lindsey & Kenny Vernon, 1970)
Yours Forever (recorded for Chart Records by Neil McBride, 1963)
He’s Only A Memory Away (recorded for Chart Records by Dawn Glass, 1974)
She Came Around Last Night (recorded for Chart Records by Wes Helm, 1967)
Penetration (recorded for Chart Records by Three Heads, 1968)
April’s Fool (recorded for Chart Records by Tony Martin, )
I Can’t Sleep With You (recorded for Chart Records by Charlene Davidson, 1973)
Let’s Think About Where We’re Going (recorded for Chart Records by LaWanda Lindsey & Kenny Vernon, 1970)
Who’s Gonna Love Me Now (recorded for ABC Dunhill by Connie Eaton, 1975)





One of our prefered singers, Thomas Dybdahl performed « Adelaide » on « One Shot Not » show (22/07/2010)



Small Sur – Bare Black (E.P)

juillet 16th, 2010

Small Sur – Weeds

see also: an exclusive interview with Small Sur (Bob Keal)

Small Sur @ Aural Slate Recordings


pacific ocean fire cover
Hibernation SongsPacific Ocean Fire
« Coal Black Hearts » (mp3)
from « Hibernation Songs »
(Azra Records)
Hibernation SongsPacific Ocean Fire
« You Were a Boxer » (mp3)
from « Hibernation Songs »
(Azra Records)
Hibernation SongsPacific Ocean Fire
« Ghosts Stay Dead » (mp3)
from « Hibernation Songs »
(Azra Records)


The Wilderness Of Manitoba - Hermit

« Hermit » is taken from « When You Left the Fire » LP, release June 22, 2010the_wilderness_of_manitoba



Video for « Arkansas » by Damien Jurado from his Secretly Canadian release Saint Bartlett.

Damien Jurado - Arkansas
Damien Jurado - Cloudy Shoes


Red aka The Nightcrawler

juin 19th, 2010

the nightcrawler

« Take Vic Chesnutt, take Tom Waits, take Scott Walker, draw a Bermuda Triangle between the three : you’ll have an area wide as the universe. Yet The Nightcrawler’s husky voice sails its cloudy waters like a sticky fish, intoxicating whoever dares to lay a hand on his back’s asperities. Abrupt, lonely and hoarse, it animates the luminescent songs of this diurnal and generous album from head to toe. As it happens, it begins with luxurious pads of real strings and a love declaration addressed to Lambchop (« Great Breakfast With Lambshop LP ») : The Nightcrawler may be alone in front of the microphone, he inhabits that same paradoxical peninsula than Kurt Wagner’s big Texan posse, the one that links eternal soul music and confessional folk music. Eventually, the Nightcrawler’s first album does more than welcoming you in his mobile-home in the desert: it embraces you on the threshold. An to further prove that he treats this very special role with uttermost involvement, Red himself hand painted every single copy of this quite extraordinary uninvited guest in his discography ».



Karen Elson



Skeleton Jack (Jack Saltmiras) is the solo material of ‘new’ bass player of The Middle East.

skeleton jack

Skeleton Jack - And (said) I Love You


http://triplejunearthed.com/Artists/skeleton jack


End of the World Cover
Chris Bathgate - A Flash of Light Followed By

Yer Bird Records is proud to present this collection of new, unreleased
and rare recordings by both their label artists as well as some of their very favorite musicians.


1. Paleo – Swimming in Money
2. Chris BathgateA Flash of Light Followed By
3. Alina Simone – Gunshots
4. Chauchat – Smokin’ Paint
5. Hayden – Message From London
6. Allyn Latorre – On the Banks of the River
7. J. Tillman – Barter Blues
8. OweihopsSad Little Drunks
9. Sarah White – Part of the Story
10. Elephant Micah – Korean Sunset
11. Nic Garcia – Torn Up in the Machine
12. O’Death – Angeline
13. The Hotel Ghost – Lay Me Down
14. Travel By Sea – Too Much Too Quickly
15. The Gunshy – No One Remembers the Drunk
16. Matthew Ryan – Gone For Good
17. Hezekiah Jones – Mississippi Sea


Lambchop’s Daytrotter session


bonus:Lambchop – Slipped Dissolved And Loosed