Thee, Stranded Horse is Yann Tambour, a young french musician playing guitar and kora.

He released last year "Churning Strides", a music with no boundaries.


Yann answers a few questions for KOKOMO WebRadio:

How could you discribe your music to somebody who never heard you ?
The loan translation of the world’s second biggest ebb and flow.

What’s your story with music? How, when did you begin singing, playing guitare / are you from a musician familly ?
I started playing the guitar at the age of 7. I was total crap until the age of 12. I then took sick and had to be locked in for a month or so. I came out a much better guitar player. My family hasn’t got a very musical background, no.

What kind of music did you heard at home when you was a child ?
The only striking thing I remember from my childhood (music wise) is « Les Marquises » by Jacques Brel.

Your last albun « Churning Strides » was widely review and received lots of complimentary critics. After this, do you plan to keep going in this musical direction or do you plan something very different ?
I try to stay away from all that as much as I can. I heard it went alright. I’m currently writing a new album whose arrangements will be roughly along the same lines : just me on the kora/guitar. The songs are written very differently, though. I’m not the best one to ask really, I try to think about these things as little as possible.

Is there a new album to come, when ?
It’s being written as we speak. Don’t know when it’ll be done or out.

You’re back from China where you were touring. How your music was received their ? How did it go ?
It went well, people were sometimes very intrigued, sometimes very loud, haha. Most of the tour went really well except for the Beijing shows. The Olympics had a dreadful effect on the city night life and a lot of the people I met didn’t seem very happy about that. Aside from all this it was a stunning experience overall. I took loads of 20-hour trains with the locals. Ate amazing food. Was most bewitched by the stunning landscape, especially in the south.

If your music was a landscape ? which one ? why ?
The swamps outside my parent’s country house. It’s basically the house I grew up in. They fill up and empty as the tide ebbs and flows. I recorded the album there. The sea plays a big part in the local life. You get the second biggest tides in the world (or the biggest along with some other place… i’m not sure.. damned, gotta get my facts right! ;-) ) and I think that somehow the album reflects that.

Where did you find your inspiration ? nature, journey, love stories, books … ?
All those things, I guess.

What your songs are talking about generally ?
They’re complete nonesense. More seriously, I try not to think about that aspect of things.

I like the sleeve of the record, tell us more about your choice , the painter…
Thanks. My girlfriend made the artwork after an idea I had.

Is there a song you wish you had written ?
That song I’m working on right now, it’s doing my head in. Nah, more seriously again : I’m sure all the good songs have been written by the right people.

Most ever playing record at home ?
Toumani Diabate and Ballake Sissoko’s « New Ancient Strings »

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