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Here’s the brand new KOKOMO WebRadio’s Podcast !

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About KOKOMO WebRadio’s Podcast
It’s never been easier to listen to a selection of fresh music by emerging and breakout bands and musical icons that we also broadcast on KOKOMO WebRadio.  We offers free legal audio files that automatically download to your computer utilizing an RSS feed or software like iTunes Subscribe to a podcast and you’ll always have the latest song. Listen to podcasts on your computer, or transfer the files to your iPod or MP3 player to take them with you.

What is Podcasting?
A podcast enables you to easily download audio files to your computer. Most podcasts are MP3 files. You use a free application to « subscribe » to KOKOMO’s feed, the application checks the site regularly and starts a download whenever it finds something new. Then you can listen to the Podcast from your computer, or transfer the audio from your computer to an external device like an MP3 player. That means you can listen to KOKOMO WebRadio any time you like, wherever you like!

How do you get started?
Here’s what you’ll need: a computer, an Internet connection, an MP3 player (if you want to take it with you) and some free podcasting software. That’s it!

Install one of the free podcast readers on your computer. To subscribe to a podcast, click the  icon to obtain the URL of the podcast feed. Simply copy and paste the feed into your preferred podcast software (we like Juice among others). iTunes users can click on the  icon to be taken directly to the podcast in iTunes, then follow the directions to « subscribe » to a program’s  podcast.

The next time you synch your iPod or other portable MP3 player, KOKOMO
WebRadio will be there!