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an interview with Ed Laurie

octobre 8th, 2008

Ed Laurie release is splendid first album « Meanwhile In The Park » on Dangerbird Records and is currently touring solo in the USA. Those who listen to KOKOMO WebRadio knows that we support this fantastic artist since many years ; « Meanwhile In The Park » was album of the year in 2006 ! and is still on heavy rotation on KOKOMO WebRadio. At the occasion of this official release I have listen to this record again, and I must say that these songs haven’t aged, thats probably how you recognize good songwriters and classic records.

Ed answers a few questions about his music, about him …

How could you discribe your music to somebody who never heard you ?
Hopeful, and open.

Listening to your music, it’s difficult to imagine you live in London, we imagine you in the green beautiful countryside of England.
Perhaps living in London makes me wish for other places, the countryside or the sea… and this comes out in the songs… memories are often a trigger.

If your music was a landscape ?
Probably a dry heat, not far from the sea… it’s in my blood.

You looks found of literature ? do you work a lot on your lyrics ? Tell us more about your pleasure to write !
The lyrics drive the melody as much as the music… just as the music effects the meaning as much as the words.

Who are your favorite writers ?
Albert Camus, Franz Kafka and Primo Levi.

What’s your story with music ?
I grew up with classical music. thereafter i avoided music for many years until i could no longer! I begun to sing privately many years ago; the guitar came later.

What are your projects for the up coming months ?
I am to record a full length record "Small Boat Big Sea". Hopefully i will be playing and travelling with the songs for many years to come. The new album will be quite different from "Meanwhile In The Park"… but as much as you move on from something you remain tied to your "thing"…

Those tracks were recordes 2 or 3 years ago, istnt it difficult to play a record so late after writing songs. If you had to recording those songs again, would you change something ?
I haven’t yet tired of playing these songs live. I improvise more when i play live and look for different ways to play them. You just have to turn them a little to the side and they become almost different songs. I am happy with the record as it is – it is how i felt at the time and i am content with that.

Is there a song you wish you had written ?
No, if i had written such a song i wouldn’t enjoy listening to it as much.

Most ever playing record at home ?
At the moment Camaron de Isla and Tomatito live in paris 1987 – it is the most powerful live record i have ever heard.