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Stereo hook-up :

Enjoy KOKOMO (WebRadio) on your home stereo ! ((( 128kbps / stereo )))

It’s easy to connect your computer to your stereo receiver and enjoy KOKOMO’s web stream in the beautiful full stereo of your home audio system. It only takes a couple minutes and one little cable.

To get hooked up, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1. Purchase an extended cable adapter with a stereo mini-headphone jack on one end and left and right stereo RCA-type plugs on the other end. RCA plugs are those red and white plugs that hook into the back of your stereo receiver.You can find this type of cable (also called a stereo 3.5mm Y Adapter cable) in various lengths at your neighborhood electronic store or through many online retailers.


STEP 2. Plug the mini-headphone jack into your computer’s line out. If your computer does not have a line out, use the headphone port.


STEP 3. Connect the two RCA plugs on the cable to the AUX or TAPE input jacks on your stereo receiver.


STEP 4. Turn on your stereo and switch to either AUX or TAPE input (whichever you used to connect the RCA cable). If the audio is loud or distorted, turn the volume down on your computer.


That’s it! Now you’re ready to enjoy KOKOMO (WebRadio) in full stereo with your home audio system.





Stream Help :

KOKOMO (WebRadio) offers non-stop live streaming at 128kbps mp3, stereo.

In order to listen to our stream all you need is an MP3 player & a High-Speed Internet connection (Cable Modem, DSL, ISDN, T1 and up).

If you can’t ear anything when you click " tune in " please copy the address below, and paste it into your media player ( iTunes, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, Real Player, VLC ...). Choose the field that says “Open Stream…”,  “Open URL…”  or something similar.

If you still cannot connect, then you may be behind a firewall that restricts your access ; so you should open up port "8000" of your router.

Download a free media player to listen to KOKOMO: iTunes - QuickTime - VLC.

test your router's ports ...

test your speed internet connection ...

Best albums of 2007 :

n° 1 - Bird on the Water by Marissa Nadler (web - myspace)

marissa nadler bird

n° 2 - Ongiara by Great Lake Swimmers (web - myspace)


n° 3 - The Province Complains by Cats On Fire (web - myspace)

cats on fire

n° 4 - You Can't Win by Dolorean (web - myspace)


Welcome listeners !

KOKOMO (WebRadio) features the best in Pop, Rock, Folk & Soul music ... you can find anywhere on the planet, offering a rare, unrivalled mix of good music !

KOKOMO is an independent, non-profit and listener-supported webradio, there is no advertising on the website or on air.

KOKOMO broadcast since the 1 september 2006, it is a solo project run by... myself.

I don’t play records because they‘re new, popular or advice by a record compagny, no ! KOKOMO’s sound has been built by many years of music listening to Bach, Billie Holiday, Neil Young ; lots of diffents artists and arts influence the sound of KOKOMO. So here you’ll listen to music from all around the world, known or unknown but all passed through the filter of my sensitives ears.

KOKOMO broadcast all over the world through its online streaming services and features a high quality music stream, broadcasting at 128 kbps, stereo. Every year, our audience has doubled and today, we broadcast to thousands of people. KOKOMO's listeners have reported in USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Brasil, Australia, Norway, Canada, Italia, Spain, Mexico, Poland, Russia ...

I hope you'll enjoy listening to KOKOMO.


Have questions ? We have answers ...

well, most of them anyway. If you can't find what you're looking for, no worries. Just send an email to .

How can I get my music played on KOKOMO ?

Dear Bands/Labels/Promoters,

If you want to send KOKOMO materials for review, please ship them to:

KOKOMO (webradio)
13 chemin des Rivières
69370 Saint Didier au Mont d'Or

Also, you can send an e-mail to containing a link to a webpage where we can listen to your songs. If we like them we will get in touch requesting your music.

Please include a band bio and a contact. I will review all submissions for potential airplay. Due to the volume of music received, I'm not able to personally respond to all submissions.



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Maybe you encounter problems with watching contents in this website (videos, audio ...)

To enjoy correctly this website check your settings to make sure that the Javascript function is active in your browser and download the latest version of FlahPlayer. Also we recommend to download the latest version of your browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape ...

Contact us :

Mailing Address:
KOKOMO (WebRadio)
13 chemin des Rivières
69370 Saint Didier au Mont d'Or

e-mail @

contact KOKOMO @ myspace

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The sound of KOKOMO !

Fleet Foxes - Beach House - Vetiver - Wilco - Jeremy Jay - She and Him - Scary Mansion - Black Golden Bull - Samamidon - Doveman - Emily Jane White - Chris Garneau - Laura Cantrell - Isobel Campbell - Acid House Kings - Duke Special - Minor Majority - Dolorean - Shadow and Dust - Cats on Fire - Marissa Nadler - Mojave 3 - Sodastream - Maia Hirasawa - Jens Lekman - Bill Callahan - Alela Diane - Dawn Landes - Feist - Emil Friis - Dolorean - Clay Allison - Ben Weaver - Babyshambles - Patrick Cleandenim - Hayden - Butcher Boy - Tim Williams - Avalanche Quartet - Lightspeed Champion - The Black Keys - The Blakes - Elvis Perkins - Shannon Wright - Dirge - Michael J Sheehy - Essie Jain - M.Ward - Juju B Solomon - Great Lake Swimmers - The Klaxons - Albert Hammond Junior - Polder - Jim Noir - Patrick Watson - Cocoon - Viva Voce - The Shins - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Cinnober - Teitur - Damien Rice - Pop Levi - Sand - Simon Smart Foster - The Little Ones - Turner Cody - Sufjan Stevens - Art Brut - Mates Of State - The John Venture - Rivkah - Robbers On High Street - Ed Laurie - The Decemberists - Benjy Ferree - Alamo Race Track - Peter Bjorn and John - Hot Chip - Dr Dog - Hezekiah Johns - Havana Guns - Hey Hey My My - Pernice Brothers - Cold War Kids - Uffie - Adam Green - The National - Camera Obscura - Controller Controller - Lou Reed - Neil Young - Billie Holiday - Jean Louis Murat - Roy Orbison - Serge Gainsbourg - Johnny Cash - Bonnie "Prince" Billie - Belle and Sebastian - The Gossip - Television - Irma Thomas - Chet Baker - Jay Jay Johanson - Alain Bashung - The Beach Boys - Etta James - Chris Isaak - Nina Simone - The Concretes - The Magic Numbers - Emily Loizeau - Keith Jarrett - PJ Harvey - My Bloody Valentine - Thomas Dybdahl - The Roots - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Sparkelhorse - Ella Fitzgerald - Beth Gibbons - Tom Waits - Webb Pierce - Ann Peebles - Pixies - Arab Strap - Sonic Youth - Papa M - Mercury Rev - Jesse Sykes - The Strokes - Syl Johnson - Ron Sexsmith - Ray Charles - REM - Radiohead - Ben Harper - The Cure - Tindersticks - The Velvet Underground - Dinosaur Jr - The Libertines - The Arcade Fire - Morrissey - Manic Street Preachers - Kelis - Interpol - Grandaddy - Devendra Banhart - Cat Power - CocoRosie - Spain - The White Stripes - Jeff Buckley - Lambchop - The Little Ones - Herman Dune - Depeche Mode - Sam Cooke - Metric - Kooks - José Gonzalez - Portishead - Steso Songs - Midlake - Emily Haines - Tom Rosenthal - The Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Dandy Warhols - Miracle Fortress - Death Cab For Cutie - Lavender Diamond - Keren Ann and many more ...


Best albums of 2006 :

n°1 - Meanwhile In The Park (mini LP) by Ed Laurie (web - myspace)

ed laurie

n°2 - Let's Get Out Of This Country by Camera Obscura (web - myspace)

camera obscura

n°3 - The Trials Of Van Occupanther by Midlake (web - myspace)


n°4 - Leaving The Nest by Benjy Ferree (web - myspace)

benjy ferree

n°5 - Robbers & Cowards by Cold War Kids (web - myspace)

cold war kids

History track : (GMT +1:00)



Guest Book

Our prefered artists of 2008 :

n° 1 - Fleet Foxes (website - myspace)

fleet foxes

Fleet Foxes's selt titled album is definitely the best record of the year ! A masterpiece including the best song of the year "White Winter Hymnal".



n° 2 -Sister (myspace)


You won't find any CD of Sister in your record store because she didn't release any record. Sister write and sings timeless songs like very few artists could do.

Sister gave an exclusive interview to KOKOMO WebRadio : read ....


n° 3 -Lambchop (website - myspace)


Lambchop and his leader Kurt Wagner signs their best record since "Is A Woman" with their new L.P Oh(Ohio).

A perfect mix of pop, folk and soul, Lambchop's music is one !


n° 4 - Mean Sea Level (myspace)

brett barton

Brett Barton is singer/songwriter of Chicago based band Mean Sea Level who released a wonderful mini L.P this year.

"The finger picking guitar and quiet vocals in my recordings are easily categorized as folk, but I write in a more pop fashion" read the rest of the exclusive interview that Brett Barton gave to KOKOMO ...

mean sea level


n° 5 - Vetiver (website - myspace)


On this album called "Things Of The Past" Vetiver has choose lost american treasures songs to share with us. Cover album are often boring, this one is a success.


n° 6 - Roma di Luna (website - myspace)

roma di luna

Roma di Luna is a Folk/Country band from Minneapolis, lead by Alexei and Channy Moon Casselle. There is not a bad song in their wonderful last album "Casting the Bones".

Roma di Luna gave an exclusive interview to KOKOMO webRadio : read ...

casting the bone

n° 7 - Shadow & Dust (myspace)

shadow and dust

Shadow and Dust is an other hidden treasure of american music ; please listen to "Searching for Answers" and you'll know what I'm talking about...

Joshua Alan, singer/songwriter gave an exclusive interview to KOKOMO webRadio : read ...



The most beautiful songs of the year :

White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes (free legal mp3)

Pretty Purple Top Hat - Matthew and the Arrogant Sea

Hole In The Floor - Mean Sea Level

Willow Tree - Chad VanGaalen (free legal mp3)

Clear Recollections - Strand Of Oaks (free legal mp3)

For Every Field There's A Mole - Bonnie "Prince" Billy

In Vain - Sister

The Rip - Portishead

Oliver James - Fleet Foxes

Quiet Hill Asleep - Shadow & Dust

Close Up - Lambchop

Holiday - Sister

Macosquin, Corelaine - The Sleeping Years

This Is Not A Test - She & Him

Saro - Samamidon

Seaching For Answers - Shadow & Dust

No One Goes Out Anymore - Tyler Ramsey

Of Raymond - Lambchop

Illuminated Red - The Accidental (free legal mp3)

Sorry We Took All Your Money - Scarry Mansion

Fire Escape - Fanfarlo

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